Assistant Photographer

Tsuen Wan

Assistant Photographer

工作內容 :

Taking photo with digital camera, Operating and maintaining photographic equipment, Undertaking outdoor works, to be an assistant for photographer
薪金 :

每月$13,000, 有每小時超時工作津貼$60, 表現獎金 及年終獎金, 星期一至六: 上午8時至下午6時, 每週工作6天,輪班, ...

要求學歷 :

No requirement on academic qualification; Fluent Cantonese ; Fair English ; Able to read & write Chinese ; PhotoShop; Microsoft Office; Illustrator; Changjie / Simplified Changjie input method; 守時, 願意學習, 對攝影有興趣


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